What's New in goSFU 9.0get help

New for Staff

Note: changes will be effective as of October 15, 2013

New URL to log on: https://go.sfu.ca.  You will need to update your Favorites / Bookmarks as the sims.sfu.ca site will no longer work. You should also clear your browser cache before logging on to the new site.

Internal goSFU favourites have been converted and you can now create folders to make it easier to organize these in a way that makes sense for you. Note some favorites may have disappeared if the component no longer exists or your security has changed. Using the drop down menu and selecting SIS will then display all the folders/components you normally have access to.

We have added the ability for you to turn off the Autocomplete functionality if you don’t like it (under Main Menu >SIS > My Personalizations).

One of the changes that will impact academic departments is that permission numbers will no longer over-ride the class limit which has meant we’ve been able to remove the modification that prevented students from using a permission number on a waitlist. You’ll now be able to grant a permission number to override pre-requisites and a student will be placed on the waitlist if the course is full. You also have options to give permission for an undergrad student to take a graduate course (and vice versa) and for a course that requires departmental consent. In addition, you can set an expiry date on the permission so students must use it within a specified time frame. Training documentation on class permissions is available on the training website.

The biggest change for undergraduate advisors is the new academic progress report and student planner. Training on these changes is being organized by Senate and Curriculum Services.

Training documentation will be updated and new documents added to the goSFU Staff website at http://www.sfu.ca/itservices/administrative/sims/sims_resources.html. Please check the site after Tuesday, October 15th.

The timeout for no activity has now been changed to half an hour; you will see a warning and can click on the OK button to continue your session.

There are a few minor things to watch out for that we have not been able to resolve to date:

  • If you open multiple windows or tabs, the windows may all have go.sfu.ca as the label. Oracle is actively working on this and we hope to have a fix shortly after golive.
  • There is a short time lag for new Favorites to appear when you ‘Add to my Links’ – you can either wait for them to appear or navigate away and then back. If the cursor disappears, simply navigate away and back.
  • In IE (particularly version 8), sometimes a popup windows will flash and then immediately minimize to the task bar. If you have the popup blocker disabled and still can’t see the new window, check your task bar.
  • Also in IE, when entering data in Search Match, the cursor may disappear (which makes it a bit difficult to type in the field). The work around (other than using a different browser) is to turn off the Autocomplete functionality. This will be fixed with a future maintenance upgrade.

There has recently been some quirky behaviour in the test environment that we do not anticipate occurring in production. However, please submit any issues with specific details of what you were doing to simshelp@sfu.ca as soon as possible so that they can be looked at if they happen.


New for Faculty

  • A new Advisor Centre that centralizes information on graduate students for committee members
  • The grade upload from an Excel file has not yet been upgraded and still requires that the file be saved in a 2003 format. This will be upgraded later in the year to use Office 2010. There are no changes to the use of a csv or txt file.


New for Students

  • An interactive Academic Progress Report that replaces the DPR
  • New planner functionality that allows students to plan out what courses they want to take in future terms and see how these courses will fit in the new Academic Progress report
  • New ‘course cart’ to plan out their schedule for the next term and then enrol in one step at their enrolment appointment time
  • New self service functionality to enrol in direct deposit to receive refunds and financial aid
  • New self service functionality to accept some financial aid awards online
  • Further improvements are planned for the spring