-  This is the old CMS documentation site. To view the most up-to-date information, please visit http://www.sfu.ca/cms.html

Working in CQ

CQ Basic Authoring

A walkthrough of the basic authoring activities in CQ to help you get started with building your web pages. 

Includes a tour of the interface, creating a page, adding content, uploading images, and more.

CQ Advanced Authoring

Instructions for further customizing your CQ pages. Note: some tutorials may require knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript. Site Administrator pages.

Designing in CQ

Instructions and guidelines for you to quickly and easily begin designing professional websites in CQ. Advanced designs may require some knowledge of HTML, CSS, or Javascript.

CQ Components

Get a tour of the components available in CQ, including what they can do, and when and how to use them.

Keep watching this page for updates as more information for other components available in CQ are added.

CQ Component Styles

A list of styles that you can apply to components using the CSS class field.

Troubleshooting Tips

Having problems with your CQ page? This page is a list of common questions about editing CQ pages, and how to resolve them. Covers general page editing/publishing questions, component problems, and questions of component functionality.

CQ Web Browser Compatibility

Information about CQ's compatibility with most major web browsers.

Known Issues

We're keeping track of known issues and suggesting fixes and work-arounds where available. If you're experiencing an unexpected problem in CQ, check this page first to find out if the problem has already been identified.

Is your department ready to move to CQ?

Learn more about choosing a domain name in CQ for your department. See the Start a CQ Project page for information on how to request CQ webspace and access for your department.