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Download Component

The Download component allows you to quickly create a download link for a file stored on your CQ site.

The Download Component will automatically determine the file format and display a corresponding file format icon beside the download link.  A description field allows you to add a caption under the download link.

When should it be used?

Use the Download component whenever you need to display a link for a file stored on your CQ site. (e.g., PDF documents)

Using the Download component is helpful to visitors because this indicates that the link does not go to a web page, but to a file that can be downloaded.

In-Component Editing Options

Description - A short description displayed with the download link

File - Allows you to drag and drop a file from the Content Finder.  Note: Uploading files from this dialogue box is not recommended as it is difficult to where the file is stored.  Uploading a file using the Digital Asset Manager (DAM) is recommended.

Example of Download component usage

* blusson_02_590.jpg
Download this wonderful image of Blusson Hall.