Uploading Filesget help

Upload to your Android Device

From the SFU vault homepage, any previously uploaded items and folders will be given an icon to indicate their file type.

Along with the "Files" list, users can look at their "Uploads" or "Shared' links in a grid view, and may also gain quick access to the "Settings" screen.

To upload a new file into the vault library, select the up arrow to search for single or multiple files to sync from your device.  

Be sure to enter the appropriate file folder that you would like to contain the item prior to the uploading process, or create a new folder by selecting the folder icon with a plus sign, located beside the upload button.

For added interactions with files, Android users must hold down their finger on items that they would like to make changes to. A new menu (pictured below) will appear to offer options such as "Rename", "Move", "Copy", "Remove", or "Share".