Environmental Health and Research Safetyget help


Administrative Technical Solutions provides a number of solutions that assist Environmental Health and Research Safety:


Bio-Permits is an application that tracks the handling of all bio-hazardous materials on campus. This application is also used as a request system to monitor and process material request that are reviewed and either approved and permit issued or denied. 


EHS is a web based window application that maintains data of hazardous materials located in laboratories around the SFU campus. This data is entered via web forms by people responsible for maintaining the labs and it is used for preparing signage for labs indicating the hazardous ratings for contents in the location.


Hazmat is a web-based application used by lab personnel to request hazardous waste / hazardoud chemicals delivery or disposal for the university. This system can also produce hazardous material signage.


For questions about this or any other solution offered by Administrative Technical Solutions, please email at-support@sfu.ca.