Facilities Servicesget help

Administrative Technical Solutions (ATS) provides a number of solutions to assist Facilities Services:


Space Management Software overlays over AutoCad (Architectural blueprint of Buildings/Rooms) with GIS capability.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a standard reporting tool for Visual Studio that is used to design and generate reports from a wide range of data sources.


FSS is a middleware application that was developed to integrates information between TMA and FINS (Peoplesoft Vendor Application).


This system, developed by SOTI,  allows Facilities Services administration to track, manage and support their workforce in the field via mobile devices.


OSIS is a webportal that is used to access blueprints and GIS information. 


QlikView is a business intelligence tool used to perform analysis on aggregate data. 


SCLIntra, by SC Logic,  is a package-tracking solution for tracking deliveries made through Facilities Management for distribution throughout the University.

Service Request

Service Request is a SFU browser based service request system that is built to support work requests for facilities services.


WebTMA is a comprehensive Maintenance Management System provided by TMA Systems that allows Facilities Services to effectively manage their projects and work orders.  A web interface also allows authorized personell in the campus community to enter work requests.


For questions about these or any other solution offered by Administrative Technical Solutions, please contact at-support@sfu.ca.