Major Updatesget help

  • Decommissioning
    On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, SFU's legacy service will be decommissioned. IT Services has prepared alternative recommendations for those using and aims to support those with who need assistance.

  • Telephone System Core Infrastructure Upgrade
    This year, SFU is embarking on a significant upgrade of its current telephone system that supports approximately 7500 telephony lines across all three Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver campuses. This upgrade will modernize SFU's 20 year old phone system and pave the way for a set of rich integrations with future systems (unified communication platforms, call centres, voice conferencing). Also included in this major update is the launch a new softphone client (a type of software-based phone) to enhance remote telework at SFU.

  • Microsoft Office 365 - Service Upgrade
    Over the next year, IT Services will be expanding SFU's access to Microsoft 365 cloud services to promote a new hub of virtual collaboration within the University. To ensure you can take advantage of these new cloud services your current Microsoft 365 account at SFU will migrate to a new Canadian data centre.

  • Campus Network Renewal
    As demands for the operational capabilities of the University's internet technologies continue to steadily increase, the need to move towards a more reliable network design has also become equally important. IT Services will be updating a majority of the University’s network equipment items that are becoming outdated. This project will be completed by the end of the Spring 2017 semester.