Campus Network Renewalget help

As demands for the operational capabilities of the University's internet technologies continue to steadily increase, the need to move towards a more reliable network design has also become equally important. To achieve this, the Operations and Engineering groups in IT Services will be updating a majority of the University‚Äôs network equipment items that are becoming outdated. This project will be completed by the end of the Spring 2017 semester. 

Juniper Networks has been selected as the provider of new equipment that will be installed to replace the related items set up throughout SFU's three campuses. Improvements include replacing:

  • 142 wiring closets
  • 450 network switches
  • 21,000 user ports

Improvements will also be made to all of the four current core sites and three new core sites will be added. The new core updates will ensure a more resilient and adaptable network to meet the growing operational needs of the University.

Renewal Benefits

The Campus Network Renewal project aims to provide a better wireless network experience to the University community. Top benefits will include:

  • Faster backbone network speeds to improve data transfer speeds.
  • Resilient and reliable access to housed data.
  • Allowing for cloud-like deployments in which all services can be securely provisioned independent of building or campus location.
  • Significant power savings due to a more efficient hardware and the ability to consolidate different networks.


Other Information