Discontinuation of Mylar Rolls for Overhead Projectors at Burnaby Campusget help

May 25, 2017

Beginning June 1, 2017, IT Services will no longer supply mylar rolls and reels for use on the overhead projectors at Burnaby campus. The overhead projectors themselves will remain in every classroom and theatre.

This decision was made due to the decrease in mylar roll use over the past few years, the cost of maintaining a product very close to obsolescence, and a departmental focus on providing sustainable technology.

Why discontinue the use of mylar rolls?

1. Sustainability problem in constant disposal of mylar rolls.

“With the introduction of myriad software presentation programs like Microsoft Power Point, it is expected that the use of transparencies would decline. However, the opposite occurred – increasingly, people printed back-up transparencies for their presentations. Once the presentation is done, the imaged transparencies presented a significant disposal problem. The 3M Company, a major manufacturer of transparency film, projected that the US transparency market would be over 940 million sheets in 2010. It is also estimated that approximately 750 million sheets of transparency film (83% of what is sold annually) would be dumped into US landfills.  This is equivalent to 15 million pounds, or 6,800 tons of polyester, enough to wrap more than five times around the earth’s equator every year.” (Banerjee, Preeta M., Shastri, Vanita Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability in Business: How Organizations Handle Profits & Social Duties Sage Publications India 2010, p. 153)

Transparency Sheets Dumped into US Landfills

2. Obsolescence of parts and the resulting increased maintenance of aging units have caused an increased cost for the University to support Mylar rolls.

Next Steps

Purchase acetate sheets from the SFU Bookstore or any SFU approved office supply store.

If you have your own mylar rolls, transfer the information to either individual acetate sheets or into digital files. If you require assitance with this, please contact your local IT support person or email its-help@sfu.ca.