SFU Wireless Security Certificate Updateget help

March 28, 2017

On March 31, 2017, at 1:30pm, the security certificate used by the SFU Wireless networks (SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam) will be replaced with a new one. For most users, this change will be transparent. In some cases however (most notably OSX), a prompt may appear to accept the new certificate. This is an expected event and can be safely accepted.

Starting at the same time, the SFU XpressConnect Installer will be packaged with the new certificates. Users experiencing any issues connecting to the wireless network should re-run the installer.

Update: Friday, March 31st 3:30pm

It's come to our attention that many iOS and OSX users are unable to connect to SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam. For this issue to be resolved, the Network Profile for SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam needs to be re-installed using the XpressConnect installer. For iOS devices (iPads and iPhones), if SFUNET-SECURE and eduroam was previously installed, the old profile will need to be manually removed. This can be done by:

1. Navigate to Settings --> General --> Profile

2. Select SFUNET-SECURE (or eduroam)

3. Click Delete Profile.

4. Re-run the SFU XpressConnect Installer (this can be accessed via the SFUNET login screen)