myINFO and FINS outage, June 18, 2020get help

On Thursday, June 18, 2020, the following PeopleSoft systems will be unavailable.

This outage is required to update the sign-in method for each of these systems by implementing SFU’s single sign-on Central Authentication Service (CAS)

These changes will not impact the way you access these systems, but you can expect a more convenient sign-in experience as CAS will now securely authenticate your account instead.  

While these updates will be seamless, IT Services has identified potential issues for myINFO users accessing bookmarked web pages and embedded links in myINFO-generated emails. As a result we’ve updated our FAQ section in advance:

If you experience any access or performance issues after the scheduled outage window, please contact our Service Desk at

To view updates during the outage, follow SFU IT Services on Twitter at: