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All SFU faculty, staff and students can publish web pages on the www.sfu.ca server. SFU Computing Accounts include personal web publishing space. Web publishing space is also available for non-personal use by academic and business units at SFU. 

University policy GP24, Fair use of Information Resources governs the use of all computing systems at SFU, including all web and file servers.

Personal web pages

Your pages are automatically hosted on www.sfu.ca/~yourAccount. For example, if your SFU Computing Account is kipling, your web pages are hosted at http://www.sfu.ca/~kipling

In most cases you manage your personal web space using SFTP.

Non-personal web pages for academic or business units

  1. SFTP: You can publish non-personal pages in the web space that comes with an SFU Computing Account. Do not share your personal computing ID and password with others: if someone else will be looking after the web pages for you, apply for a sponsored computing ID.

    The default URL will be http://www.sfu.ca/~yourAccount. Site owners using this approach can contact webmaster@sfu.ca to request a more meaningful URL.

  2. WebDAV: Available for both academic and business units, WebDAV is a convenient space for web content that will be updated by a team of users rather than a single site 'owner.' URLs on the WebDAV server are typically supplied as a sub-site the www.sfu.ca server (eg. www.sfu.ca/mysite ). Contact webdav-request@sfu.ca to ask for the creation of new space or to request changes to access within an existing WebDAV-based site.

Student assignments or group projects

  1. Use Canvas Spaces as a collaboration area. Anybody can create a space and use Canvas as a place to share project files, discuss your work, and keep a record of your progress. See "How do I create a Canvas Space"
  2. Designate one member to publish the the completed site to the rock.its.sfu.ca server under that person's personal webspace. Do not share the password of the designated computing ID as that same account provides access to your personal information, registration, email, etc. The web address will automatically be http://www.sfu.ca/~yourAccount

Other options

Some SFU departments run their own web servers. They may allow you to put up web pages. Check with the contact address on the departmental Web page.