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General Tab

The General tab is where you set up the main descriptors and options for your survey:

  • Survey Name - Give your survey a short descriptive name to identify its purpose to your users
  • Description - A short description of what your survey is intended to accomplish. This will become the first title page of your survey.
  • Completed Text - This text will be displayed after the user submits the survey and before being directed to the Completed URL.
  • Completed URL - The address of a website where you would like your users directed upon completion of the survey.
  • Survey Layout - There are currently two options for survey layouts:
    • One Question Per Page - Each question will be displayed on its own page with previous and next buttons used to navigate between questions.
    • All Questions on One Page - All questions will be displayed vertically on a single web page. Good for surveys of 10-15 questions or less.
  • Show Question IDs: When checked the ID of the question will be displayed (Q1, Q2, etc.) Uncheck this for more of a feedback form style of survey.
  • Publish - When this box is checked, the survey is available to be filled out. Unchecking this box suspends the survey but does not affect the data.
  • Email Notification Address: If you would like to be notified when a submission is received, enter your email address in this space.  You may enter multiple addresses, separated by commas. If no address is set, no notification will be sent.
  • Limit Number of Responses to: Use this field to limit the total number of responses this survey will accept. Use this field for surveys that are acting as reservation forms for a size limited event.  Once the limit number of submissions has been received, the survey will not allow allow access to new people.
  • Response Limit Message: This is the message users will see displayed if they attempt to access a survey that has already reached it's response limit.