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Radio Buttons

Radio Buttons are like Checkboxes but are used for multiple choice questions where the respondent may choose only one option.

There is one field you need to fill out and a box you may select to create a Radio Button question:

  • Question Text - Will appear as the title of the question. (eg. "Please select the make of your car.")
  • Check to make this a required question - Check this box if you want to force the respondent to answer, no blanks allowed.

You will also need to add choices to the radio buttons question. The choices are the items which will appear with radio buttons beside them. To add a new choice:

  • Enter the label for the choice into the Add Choice field. (eg. Toyota)
  • Click the Add button.

The new choice will appear on the screen. To edit existing choices:

  • Simply change the label in the Choice field and when you submit the finished question it will be updated.
  • Click the trash icon to delete the choice.