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Single Line Text

Single Line Text questions are question that can be answered in a small, one line text box. You can have several single line text boxes for each Single Line Text question.

There is one field you need to fill out to get started with a single line text question:

  • Instruction Text - Will appear as the title of the question. It should provide a general indication of how users should answer the questions that follow. (eg. "Please answer the following questions in the space provided.")

You can then add choices to the single line text question. Choices here are actually individual, but related questions. To add a new choice:

  • Enter the question into the Add Choice field. (eg. "What is the name of your degree?")
  • Click the Add button.

The new choice will appear on the screen. To edit existing choices:

  • Simply change the label in the Label field and when you submit the finished question it will be updated.
  • Click the trash icon to delete the choice.
  • To provide a default answer to the question, enter it into the Default Value field. A common use for the default value is when asking for a website URL. Often you will put http:// for the default value.
  • To force the respondent to answer this question, click the Required box.