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The Future of SFU WebSurvey

WebSurvey is an evolving system as additional functionality is required and brought online. The following enhancements are planned although no timeline is set out for implementation:

  1. Ability for users to log in and revisit submissions
  2. Ability to time lock administrative access
  3. Ranked choices question type
  4. Total questions progress bar
  5. Allow HTML in question text, for more control over appearance
  6. Track survey views not just submissions
  7. Reorder choices / answers within questions using drag and drop
  8. Question branching (Subsequent questions depend on previous answers)
  9. Ability to change question type (ex: From radio button to pull down)
  10. Automated Start and End Dates for surveys
  11. Create token based submission tracking (Allow non-SFU users to be authenticated)(Implemented Nov 2007)
  12. Comments/Other text box for all questions

To offer suggestions for future releases please send email to

Please mention if you would like to be added to the WebSurvey Updates mailing list and receive notices when new features are added.