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In the preferences page, you can manage your delegates and saved searches.


Startup Options

This first setting allows you to set the "Find Maillists" page to be your primary page when you enter this site.

After checking the box, you have the option to set it so the "Find Maillists" page will quicklink to either:

  • Lists I Own
  • Lists I Own/Manage
  • Lists to which I belong



Default Settings

This setting allows you to set the number of rows displayed in a list of members.



Manage Delegates

Delegate is someone who can act as the owner of the maillist on your behalf. You can add your delegates here by entering their computing ID in the field.



Manage Saved Searches

You can manage your saved searches here. Below is an example of a saved search called "ISC groups". You can edit the name of the saved search by clicking on the name or delete it by clicking on the trash icon.