Mobile Devices

All users can access their SFU email, calendars, and contacts in the palm of their hand using their mobile devices.

Please note that mobile clients are not officially supported by SFU, and that the SFU Connect web client is the only officially supported client.

iPhone and Windows Phone users: For best performance, connect using ActiveSync instead of IMAP. Click on the mobile device of your choice from the menu on the right for detailed setup instructions.

BlackBerry Users: Instructions on how to synchronize your BlackBerry phone with SFU connect will not be available here. BlackBerrys are not designed to interact directly with an ActiveSync server, and instead connect through a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). The connector software for SFU Connect and BES is in beta and is not ready for production use. There are alternatives, but the setup is more complex and can be costly.

The current workaround is to forward your SFU Connect mail to your BlackBerry account.