Please note that the web client is the only officially supported client at SFU.

Enter or into your browser's address bar. No setup is required; simply sign on with your SFU Computing ID and password.

Logging Into Web Client

Upon login, you will have the option to choose between the Advanced (AJAX), Standard (HTML) or Mobile versions of the web client. The default setting is Advanced, yet you can manually choose another version.

The Advanced version allows for a dynamic feel: objects can be dragged and dropped; right clicking on items shows a context menu. Zimlets (small applications for added functionality) are functional only in the Advanced version.

The Standard version is more lightweight. It looks similar to the Advanced version, but does not contain the dynamic navigational capabilities. The Standard version is automatically selected for older browsers.

You should choose the Mobile version if you are logging in using your mobile device using its browser, or if you are using a dial-up connection.

1. Type in or into the address bar of your browser.

2. Sign in using your SFU Computing ID and password.

Individual departments may support desktop clients or mobile devices for their faculty and staff. For information about how to access the system using a POP or IMAP client, or a mobile device, please refer to the Desktop and Mobile Setup page.

Bookmarking SFU Connect

Automatically bookmarking the login page that comes up after typing in will only bookmark the secure login page, which is not recommended. For security reasons, the login page URL changes and the bookmark will no longer work after a period of time. To correctly bookmark SFU Connect, please follow the instructions here.