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As of August 2018, SFU Connect was replaced by SFU Mail as the University's email and calendar system. All pages on this website ( will redirect to the SFU Mail website on March 1, 2019. For information about SFU Mail, visit

Known Issues

SFU Connect is powered by Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 8.7.1, following an upgrade from 8.0.7 on December 22, 2016. Below are the post-ugrade issues in the current version of SFU Connect, as well as the vendor bug reports and feature requests from previous versions.

Please note that the web client is the only officially supported client at SFU.  

Issues Discovered After the SFU Connect 2016 Upgrade

The following table contains a list of issues discovered after the SFU Connect upgrade that took place on December 22, 2016. The vendor’s release notes for Zimbra Collaboration Suite version 8.7.1, including known issues, can be found here.

Issue Description Status Workaround Vendor Bug Report#
Calendar day view horizontal scroll is broken when too many calendars are viewed at once.
Unresolved No workaround available. 106285
In conversation view, deleted messages are now removed instead of indicated with strikeout.
N/A No workaround available; option under Preferences to be included in Zimbra 9.0.  
In the SFU Connect mobile touch client, swiping to delete an email does not function properly on some Android devices operating on Android 6.0.1. After deleting an email from the inbox by swiping left, the inbox will no longer refresh. Subsequently, other folders will display the contents of the Inbox instead of displaying the proper contents of that folder.  Fixed in a future version
Logging out of SFU Connect and then logging back in will reset the account to its normal functioning state. 107488
On some Windows and Android mobile devices, a "Spam List" is being created that consists of legitimate email contacts, which directs emails from those accounts to an "Unwanted" folder automatically, without the user ever marking those contacts as Spam.  Unresolved - Not Zimbra specific
Removing the contacts from the Spam list will stop emails from those contacts from being placed into the "Unwanted" folder.   
A message appears claiming that there are unsaved changes when closing a browser window, despite there being no changes to save. This only occurs after the user has cancelled the composition of a message or has sent a message.
Unresolved - Reported to Vendor
No workaround available; investigation ongoing.  104091
Text wrapping behaviour is affected when attempting to print emails in Firefox, causing some words at the end of the line to be split into the next line of text. Unresolved - Reported to Vendor
Printing in an alternate browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari) will result in correctly wrapped text. 104278
When searching Mail within the web client, users are not always directed to the search results tab and are instead directed to the inbox.  Unresolved Clicking on the Search tab that appears beside the MySFU tab will direct you to your search results.  
When conducting a search in Mail, the user's inbox, in addition to the search tab, will also display the results of the search, rather than the actual inbox content. Unresolved Refreshing the inbox will load the actual inbox contents.   
Message index not updating properly after moving or deleting messages from a folder; the proper contents of that folder are not shown. Resolved
Fixed. Users will need to clear browser's cache for fix to take effect.   104027
After leaving a browser open for a long period of time, the inbox might not show all new emails.  Unresolved Re-clicking on the folder name (refreshing) will give an accurate view of the contents.   
Garbage characters are inserted into new emails when composing in plain text.   Resolved
Fixed. Users may need to clear their cache for this to take effect.  
CalDAV support - users were getting prompts to enter passwords from Mac Calendar to setup the account. Resolved
Removing and re-adding the account will fix the problem.
Error messages received when attempting to delete signatures or create new ones, occuring in both the Standard and Advanced clients.
Unresolved No workaround available; investigation ongoing.  
Contact names appear incorrect. Incorrect contact names for users accounts that was also related to the change in the Emailed Contacts folder that came from the upgrade; an entry in emailed contacts will override the name. If there is no entry in emailed contacts, then the name should show up correctly. Resolved Fixed. Users may need to clear browser's cache for fix to take effect.   100112
In Calendar, scheduler no longer expands to show free/busy information for a large number of attendees (i.e., 10+ attendees). Unresolved - Reported to Vendor  No workaround available; investigation ongoing. 107565
Signature images with uppercase extensions (e.g., .JPG, .PNG, .GIF) are broken. It may seem to work upon creating the signature, but when messages are sent the image may not be present. Unresolved- Reported to Vendor No workaround available; investigation ongoing.  107575
When forwarding or replying to some messages with attachments, multiple copies of the attachment are added to the message. This likely occurs when the system is automatically saving a draft message.
Unresolved Disabling auto-saving of drafts is a possible workaround for some users:
  1. Go to Preferences and select "Mail" on the left menu.
  2. Under "Composing Messages" uncheck the checkbox for "Automatically save drafts of messages while you are composing".
  3. Save preferences.
When attempting to send a message, users are seeing the error message "No such message part exists". This is likely caused by a broken image in the user's signature.
Unresolved - Reported to Vendor Removing the image from the signature and re-adding/re-uploading it will fix the problem. For instructions on how to do so, please refer to the Signature Setup page.

When attempting to send a message that has taken longer than 5 minutes to compose, the message will not be sent and instead the user will be kicked out of the system. The user will see an error message that states " redirected you too many times". The message may differ depending on the browser used. This occurs in the Standard Web Client.

Similarly, in the Mobile Client, users will receive a "Sending Report..." dialogue when attempting to send a message after composing for 5 minutes or more. This dialogue will remain until the user clicks cancel. After clicking cancel, the user will be kicked out of the system and redirected. This may also occur in the mobile Touch Client.

Unresolved No workaround available.
When composing an email, links are no longer underlined after hitting enter/return, however, they are still visible in drafts and in sent messages. If a user wishes, they may check the message in the draft folder to ensure a correct hyperlink has been created. Unresolved - Reported to Vendor No workaround available. 97460
Adding new contacts to the 'Emailed Contacts' list will not work if the contact was previously added and then deleted from Emailed Contacts.
Unresolved - Reported to Vendor
No workaround available. 106152

When an organizer attempts to edit/delete an individual instance of a recurring meeting, the changes/cancellations are applied to an earlier instance, and not to the instance selected by the organizer. When editing an instance, a primary indicator of the issue is the date and time field displaying those of an earlier instance of the meeting series. The issue only appears to happen when the following factors occur:

  • At least two meeting instances have been declined by attendees,
  • the organizer is editing one of the instances that has been declined, and
  • at least two exceptions exist in the recurring meeting.
Unresolved - Reported to Vendor No workaround available. 108167
On Android, for Email 4.2 users, there is a known issue when using "Exchange" as the account type, where users are initially unable to send messages after setup. 
Unresolved Asking another user to send an SFU Connect appointment invitation to the user with the issue and then replying to the invitation will resolve the problem.

Vendor Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Reports of bugs and feature requests carried over from previous upgrades.

General bugs/requests

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report #
Bug Descriptions  
Attempting to delete a message after replying to it results in compose window (standard HTML version) 70667
Cannot right click and paste address into the To: or Cc: field when composing 62097
Cursor placed below signature during composing new message 87824
Revoked shared folder does not inherit share permissions from parent 41646
Contact group editor removes incorrect entry 105403
Feature Requests  
Checked boxes should maintain their state when another action is performed. 21997
Auto replies/vacation messages: Need ability to send out of office notifications for mail forwarded into SFU Connect account. 9196
Should be able to edit tasks (status, %complete, due date) directly from list view 15825
Raw HTML source editor in Mail Compose 16386
Tasks should be integrated into Calendar application 27613
Ability to format auto-reply message in HTML 33850
Bring back Print button in Mail 95826

Calendar-specific bugs/requests

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report #
Bug Descriptions  
Can't recover appointments from dumpster if entire calendar is deleted 70056
When opening an existing appointment, red highlighting of attendee/location bubbles inconsistent 95823
All-day events incorrectly extended backwards by one day in the print version Week view 98560
Feature Requests  
Support ability to choose arbitrary custom repeat dates. 10524
Support creating personal appointments in the mounted calendar. 27775
Ability to choose default mount point name for a share. 28318
Allow attendees to view accepted/declined/needs action information for attendee list. 31002
Add ability to copy/transfer calendar. 36703
Option to not include attendees when copying appointment 69575
Ability to send email reminder to all attendees in an appointment 69576
Option to choose arbitrary set of locations to include in "Suggest Available Rooms" 69967
Allow customization of prompt that appears when user isn't allowed to invite another user 95827
Need ability to move appointments between shared calendars 95754

Resolved bugs/requests

Resolved as of 8.7.0

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Allow user to select font size   66027
Clicking to "Show remaining folders" throws wrong error "You must select a folder" when user tries to move message   85859
Draft folder reporting incorrect count and messages are not displayed 82703
Incorrect share URL when sharing with admin access 82236
Attach button does not work properly in Firefox 38 99848
CalDAV functionality with Google Calendar 39402

Resolved as of 8.0.7

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Add ability to share tags between users. 5210
Auto replies/vacation messages: Need ability to respond differently for internal or external addresses. 6849
Can't move subfolders in shared mail folder 43733
Allow ability to temporarily disable address bubbles 70352
"Select Address" dialog in mail compose does not load local contacts 70389
There is no ability to print a calendar over multiple periods of time. 35592
Add the ability to create and move nested calendars. 27211
After recovering deleted appointment, it still remains in "Recover Deleted Items" list 69580
Calendar defaults to text instead of html 67337
Removing attendee from Calendar Scheduler adds the attendee twice in Attendees field 64383
Reminder not popping up for an exception in the recurring meetings 79678

Resolved as of 7.2.6

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Shared briefcase subfolder's files cannot be accessed
QuickAdd appointment doesn't verify whether a location has booking restrictions
Free/busy view only appears for lastest added attendee in the Scheduler
If an appointment is private by default (set under Preferences), cannot change it to a public appointment
Editing an booking directly within the resource calendar allows double bookings
After checking in "Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times" for a calendar with a custom colour, the dialogue box does not go away
Calendar resource double bookings 79039
Attendee status isn't being updated even after the invite has been accepted 74117
Attachment is missing when forwarding mail using a filter 67979
Composing a reply to a message with an image in the signature sometimes results in multiple copies of the sender's signature image 64383
"Save Draft" button should be greyed out after clicking 66997
IE8 skips keystrokes when composing a message 69117
Spell checker times out too quickly 69419
Missing "Accept/Decline" buttons when viewing the invite in a new window from shared mail folder 70082
Mail tab stays orange after new messages are viewed 70353
When accessing a shared address book, sorting contacts by letter does not work 69398
When composing, clicking the "To:" button to browse personal contacts brings up no results 69806
Clicking on message in standard HTML client will not open message half the time when reading pane turned off 69857

Resolved as of 7.1.4

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Deleting instance and notifying organizer declines entire series of appointments 56963
Add "Copy Appointment" menu option. 30594
Alert on creating a scheduling conflict. 14293
Alert user when accepting a conflicting appointment. 29849
Add the ability to set displayed range of hours in the Day, Week, and Work Week views. 21815
Saturday and Sunday should be displayed in a different colour to differentiate between work days and weekends. 27089
More colors for calendars. 6248
Declined events should be grayed out in the public shared calendar. 40308

Resolved as of 6.0.12

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
In printer version, some messages do not wrap text
Checkmark appears on mouse-over of previously selected item 49589
When replying to a long message, the message gets truncated
Can't read the attachment in the message, or attachment icon is missing 51226
Can't book a room/resource when an externtal email address is added 51415
Reset Accept/Decline status after the organizer modifies the meeting 49881

Resolved as of 6.0.10

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Cannot delete multiple files in the Briefcase that have the same name 43836
Printing tasks now respects HTML formatting 47293
Add option to "Propose new time" in calendar invitation 49406
Upload New File to Briefcase dialogue should show file sizes 34053
Sent invites should not display "accept/tentative/decline" buttons in Sent folder 46442
Duplicate signatures when editing a draft message
Launching a shared calendar in a separate window displays blank calendar

Resolved as of

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Creating an appointment with only a resource (no attendees) generates blank email to resource account 38069
Appointment action messages should be optional. 10536
Calendar notifications in pop-up window. 7899
After requesting a recurring booking for a room or resource (that is set to accept all bookings unless busy), if one instance has a conflict, the entire series is declined. The system should only decline instances where there is a conflict and accept all others. 32675
When adding an appointment using the QuickAdd menu, the Location field is not linked to the list of locations available for booking in the system. It is treated simply as a text string. 31546
The Location field in the Appointment Details tab is not properly updating after changing the location using the 'Find Locations' tab 31542
Add option to notify the organizer when an attendee deletes a meeting from his/her own calendar. 33237
Calendar preferences should offer the ability to set the default public/private status of new appointments. 28265
Add the ability to automatically reload remote calendars (e.g., subscribed calendars). 12390
Daily Print View of the calendar truncates appointment notes. 35038
Add calendar reminders with days as units. 15146
Adding a new attendee to a recurring meeting causes all meetings to appear on the attendee's calendar, including exceptions where the new attendee has not been added by the organizer. 32254
Prompt to alert organizer while meeting compose when attendee doesn't let organizer invite him/her. 29366
Do not send update to all users when editing appointment details. 21114
For some users, mail is sent 'On Behalf of' alias 39012
"?" icons are seen for Office files as attachments in mail. 38514

Resolved as of 5.0.18

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Trash/Junk lifetime should be based on the time message was moved to Trash or Junk 19702
Result column in location/resource search cannot be resized 38205
Inline images are removed when a draft email is saved from 'Edit as new' 37457
Draft email loses HTML formatting if view mail is set to 'Text' option 34870
Unnoticed date changes in recurring appointments 33632

Resolved as of 5.0.16

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Text entered before cancellation message of a cancelled appointment ignored 35365
Cannot revoke share with Public 35459

Resolved as of 5.0.15

Bug/Feature Description Vendor Bug Report#
Changing the reminder time of an appointment changes the status to tentative (new meeting). 32992
Share recipient that is allowed to view private appointments can create private appointments on the shared calendar, but not delete them (displays 'Permission Denied' error). 34565