SFU Connect 2016 Upgrade

The SFU Connect upgrade was completed as of 8:05am on December 22, 2016.
If you are experiencing issues, please try clearing your browser's cache and reloading your account. If the issues persist, refer to the Getting Help page for who to contact. For more information about known issues in SFU Connect, please refer to the Known Issues page. 

Highlights of New Features

In this training video, you will be introduced to a number of the new features and changes found in SFU Connect version 8.7.1. Scroll below the video to view a list of the new features and notable changes. 

New Features and Changes at a Glance:

  • Improved, high-fidelity document preview feature for email attachments and Briefcase documents
  • The ability to set pop-up notifications for appointments, tasks and new mail (Chrome, Firefox and Safari only).
  • When more than one calendar reminder appears, users can set different snooze times for each reminder.
  • Ability to drag and drop to upload files to the Briefcase from the desktop.
  • The display (i.e., menu) font size and font style for the web interface can be adjusted under the general preferences settings.
  • Additional options for out-of-office messages to minimize replies to spammers.
  • New web client for mobile devices, designed specifically for touch devices.
  • The name of the Address Book tab has been updated to Contacts. The tab is in the same place, and no other changes have been made to this section. 
  • Users can now select the folder used for archving messages by clicking on the Archive button in the Mail tab.
  • Notifications for calendar events or tasks can now be sent by SMS to your phone. 
  • Bug fixes and overall improved compatibility with third party clients (e.g., Outlook) as well as with later operating systems and browsers.
  • A new mobile web client designed for a better experience on touch devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android). Learn more here.

Upgrade FAQs

When did the upgrade occur?

The SFU Connect upgrade took place on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 from 12:01am - 8:05am.

Why did we upgrade?

Vendor support for the previous version of the system ended as of September 2016. In addition, upgrades are primarily performed to keep up with the latest security and bug fixes.

What about browser compatibility?

With the increased frequency of browser updates, it is impossible for developers of web applications to ensure that all versions of a browser are supported. Therefore, like many other web applications, using the later versions of a browser to access SFU Connect is recommended.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the upgrade?

Please see the contact information on the Getting help section of this site.

Where can I view ongoing system status updates?

Updates will be posted on the SFU IT Services Twitter account: http://twitter.com/sfu_it

Will you be providing training sessions for this upgrade?

Please check the Training Sessions page for updates on available sessions.