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Document Check Out/Check In

To prevent users from uploading a document with the same file name within a folder shared between two or more users, you can use the "Check Out File" feature. A document that has been checked out will be marked with a 'lock' icon. This will warn other users that this document is currently in use.

To check out a document:

1. Right click on it.

2. Select Check Out File.

3. After this document is downloaded, you can open it to edit.

4. The lock icon should now appear next to the document.

5. When you are done with the document and wish to upload into the briefcase, you can check the file in.

To check in the file,

  • Right click on it
  • Select Check In File

6. Click choose file.

7. Navigate to the file and select it

8. Click open

9. Click check in

When the newer version of the document is successfully checked in, the previous version will also be saved. By default, the documents will be identified by a number, with the highest representing the most recent version of the document.

You also have the option to discard check out if there is no longer a need to have the document checked out or if you do not have a document to check in.