Uploading to Briefcase

You can use either of the methods detailed below to upload a file to Briefcase.

Drag & Drop

1. You can upload files by dragging them from your desktop and dropping them directly into the SFU Connect page of your browser. Be sure to drop the file into the list space highlighted below, and not into the preview pane.

File Selection

1. Click on the Briefcase tab located near the top of the screen, then navigate to and click on the Upload File button.

2. Click the Choose Files button. Locate the file you would like to upload. Note that the maximum upload size for each file is 187 MB.

3. Select the file and click Open. If you would like to add another file, click Add. When you have added all of your files, click OK.

Briefcase Properties

The settings of each Briefcase folder can be adjusted by nagivating to the left of the screen and clicking the down arrow beside the folder. Click Edit Properties. From here, you can customize the briefcase, or share the folder by clicking the Add Share button.

Alternately, you can also access the share settings for each folder by navigating to the down arrow and clicking Share Folder. Here you may adjust access, role, or share notification settings.