Overview of Filter Setup

By setting up mail filters, you can have all of your calendar notifications (meeting invitations, meeting modifications, responses and share notifications) placed into one or more folders that are separate from your inbox.

For calendar owners whose meetings are managed by delegates: If your calendar is completely managed by a delegate, it is highly recommended that you filter your calendar notifications into a separate folder from your inbox. You can then share the mailbox folder with your delegates in order for them to follow up on meeting invitations on your behalf.

1. Navigate to the Preferences tab in SFU Connect.

2. Under Preferences, click on the Filters tab.

3. Click Create Filter. Note the two tabs above the New Filter button, you can create a filter for incoming or outgoing messages.

4. The Add Filter menu should appear. You can use the drop down menus to specify conditions and results.

Some Filter Examples

Let's set up this filter which automatically moves calendar invites to a folder, so you won't have to worry about missing any invites.

  • When I get a new Calendar invite, move it to my folder named 'Important'

1. Use the drop down menus to create the following parameter:

2. In the Perform The Following Actions section, use the drop down menu and select Move Into Folder.

3. Click the Browse button and select a folder. 

4. Click OK to create the filter. 

5. Click Run Filter to activate the filter. 

6. Navigate back to the Mail tab, go to the Important folder and in it should only be calendar invites.