The content on this website is no longer being updated.

As of August 2018, SFU Connect was replaced by SFU Mail as the University's email and calendar system. All pages on this website ( will redirect to the SFU Mail website on March 1, 2019. For information about SFU Mail, visit

Share Properties Menu

The Share Properties Menu allows you to easily customize what you share with who you share it with. You can edit:

  • User types
  • Role
  • Whether the users can view private appointments
  • Message sent to notify users about the share

Access the Share Properties Menu

1. Navigate to the Calendar tab in SFU Connect.

2. Right click on a calendar then click Share Calendar

3. The Share Properties menu should appear.

A Breakdown of the Share Properties Menu

Share With

There are three options for sharing:

  • Internal Users or Groups: Share with anyone with a '' email address.
  • External Guests: Share with any user along with the option of including a password lock on the calendar.
  • Public: Share a calendar link publicly to any user without a password.

When sharing with external guests or sharing publicly, users will only have a 'read-only' option, meaning they can view your events and appointments but cannot make any edits or changes to them.


Roles allow you to specifiy exactly what kind of permissions each user has. You might give a user the ability to edit and view events, but for another user only the ability to view events.

Note: We recommend users only give Viewer or Manager access. Admin access allows a user to re-share the calendar with anyone without your consent.


When sharing a calendar, you have the option of sending users a notification email. You can choose to send or not send a message, or even add a note to the email.