The content on this website is no longer being updated.

As of August 2018, SFU Connect was replaced by SFU Mail as the University's email and calendar system. All pages on this website ( will redirect to the SFU Mail website on March 1, 2019. For information about SFU Mail, visit

What is the Free/Busy Link?

The Free/Busy Link allows any user to view free/busy information on another person or resource while hiding the details of the person or resources meetings and events. It is a cumulative view of busy time slots for an accounts calendars, i.e., if a person had several calendars that report free/busy information, it would be included in the Free/Busy link.

Different calendar views are available: Day, Work Week, Week and Month.

With the Free/Busy Link, you can then view multiple calendars in separate browser windows. However, it is still recommended that you use the Schedule tab under the Appointment Creation Menu to schedule multiple attendees in a meeting.

Notes: In order to use the Free/Busy Link, you will need to know the SFU e-mail address of the person or resource account (e.g., The Free/Busy Link only allows you to view busy time slots; editing is not allowed.

How To Access the Free/Busy Link

1. The Free/Busy Link exists in the following form:[]?fmt=freebusy

Replace [] with the SFU e-mail address of the person or resource. For example, if would like to view the calendar of, the link would be:

Enter this link into a new browser and press enter.

By default, the accounts Month View will display. Note that the details of all meetings are hidden and only the busy or tentative time slots are shown. The highlighted box indicates the current day.

2. Click on these buttons to access the different views of the calendar. Click Today to go to the current time or date in any calendar view.

3. Below is an example of Work Week View:

If you wish to view an additional calendars Free/Busy Link, open a new browser window and enter the link with the other accounts e-mail address.

Sending Your Own Free/Busy Link

Note: The Free/Busy Link only allows users to view busy time slots on your calendar; it is not a share. Please see our Sharing Calendars How-To Guide for more information regarding shares.

1. Navigate to the Calendar tab in SFU Connect.

2. Click the Settings Icon and select Send Free & Busy Link As, then select an option. 

  • HTML allows the viewer to see the calendar in a web browser.
  • ICS allows the viewer to import the free/busy links into an application like Calendar on OSX.

3. A new message composition screen should appear with the Free/Busy Link in the body of the message. Fill in the To: and Subject: fields and click Send to send the message.

4. The recipient of the message can click on the link or copy and paste it into their browser.