How to submit requests

Location/room accounts (searchable when creating a calendar appointment) or resource accounts can be requested by Departmental Assistants, Administrators and Computer Support Staff.

Please sign into the forms using your personal SFU Computing ID, not a role account ID. Allow for 3-5 business days for processing. You will be sent a confirmation message once your location/resource account has been approved.

Location/resource account FAQs

What is a Location or resource account?

Location accounts can be found in the Location field when creating a meeting, and similarly, Resource accounts can be found under the Resources field.  A location or resource account is a separate account in SFU Connect that looks very much like a normal user account. It has its own sign on ID and password, and features Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Preferences. Essentially, all 'booking requests' of a room or resource account are calendar invitations.

What is the difference between 'location' and 'resource'?

A location refers to meeting rooms, labs, open spaces, offices, etc., whereas a resource refers to any other bookable item (projectors, carts, departmental vacation calendars, absence trackers, other equipment). Please use the appropriate form when placing a request for a new account.

Are all location resource accounts visible to everyone in SFU Connect?

Yes. All location accounts are searchable under 'Locations' when creating a calendar appointment, and all resource accounts are searchable under 'Resources'. However, booking restrictions (i.e., permissions) can be set for these accounts, and accounts with restrictions are identified by an 'R' in square brackets after the name, e.g., "AQ Blue Room (AQ1010) [R]".