The content on this website is no longer being updated.

As of August 2018, SFU Connect was replaced by SFU Mail as the University's email and calendar system. All pages on this website ( will redirect to the SFU Mail website on March 1, 2019. For information about SFU Mail, visit

There are a variety of advanced features within SFU Connect that will help you manage your messages more efficiently. Learn how to organize your tasks, set up alerts and search for messages. Click on a page on the right for more details and step-by-step instructions.


Approximately 95% of all incoming junk mail is already prevented from arriving in your SFU Connect email account. The remaining spam messages that do get through are automatically placed into your Junk folder (in SFU Connect's web interface). It is best to check your Junk folder periodically for messages that have been mistakenly marked as spam.

When creating filters, do not use 'Delete' as the filter action, as this would bypass the Trash folder and lost messages cannot be recovered.  It is best to choose 'File into folder', and select the Trash folder. Doing this will enable you to retrieve messages that may have been deleted by mistake, within 1 year of deletion (and provided that you have not emptied your Trash folder).

Set up Incoming Message Filters

1. Navigate to Preferences > Mail Filters.

2. Under the Incoming Message Filters tab, click New Filter.

3. In the Add Filter window, you can start defining your filters by using the dropdown menus below.

4. Click Save when done.

  • If you are creating a filter for a specific email address in the From, To or Cc fields, choosing "matches exactly" as a condition requires the name and address as it appears in the header of the email message. For example, the value "Rudyard Kipling" should be entered in the text field rather than just "".
  • Another option is to choose "contains" instead of "matches exactly". In this case, only the email address would be required in the text field.

Set up Outgoing Message Filters

Creating outgoing message filters will help you organize the emails in your 'sent' folder. You can choose to discard, file into a folder, tag with or mark your sent messages. To create an outgoing mail filter, select Outgoing Message Filters instead of Incoming Message Filters and repeat the steps above.

  • Note: You must have "Save a copy to Sent folder" enabled in Preferences > Composing in order for outgoing filters to work.