There are a variety of advanced features within SFU Connect that will help you manage your messages more efficiently. Learn how to organize your tasks, set up alerts and search for messages. Click on a page on the right for more details and step-by-step instructions.

Set Up a Persona

Create a persona if you need to send messages on behalf of another account. For example, if you are sending an email on behalf of a particular sponsored (aka role) account.

Click on Preference > Mail > Accounts 

1. Select Add Persona

2. In the Persona Name box, type in a name for the persona

3. In the From: boxes, type in the name and email that appears in the recipient's inbox.

4. Emails can be be sent to a different account from the one indicated in the From: box. To do so, specify which account this is by checking the Reply-to: box and then typing in the email address. 

5. If desired, complete the Use this Persona: setting.

6. When the Persona Settings is complete, click Save.

Select a Persona

  • When composing an email, select the persona within the From: drop down menu that you would like to use.