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Accepting a Share

When someone has shared a folder with you, there is normally a share notification message sent to your SFU Connect account that allows you to accept or decline the share.

Note: If you do not receive the share notification message, you can search for shares by email address.  See finding shares from others for more information.

1. Locate the share notification message and open it to view it.

The share notification message will contain the following:

  • Accept Share and Decline Share buttons (located at the top)
  • Type of item shared to you (e.g., Mail Folder, Calendar, etc.)
  • Owner of the folder
  • Share grantee (your account)
  • Role, and allowed actions

2. Click Accept Share. (Note: Choosing Decline Share will simply discard the message.)

Note about allowed actions for Manager and Admin roles:  If you delete or move content in a shared folder, it will also be deleted or moved from the original folder.  Likewise, if you delete a folder that is nested within a shared folder, it will also be deleted from the original shared folder.

3. In the Accept Share dialogue box, you may choose to rename the shared folder and choose a colour.

4. Click Yes once you have finished to accept and mount the share.  The shared folder will now appear in your folder listing.