Assigning a tag

1. The simplest method of assigning a tag to an item (such as an email message) is to drag and drop it on the item.

2. The tag now appears next to the item, indicating that it has been assigned.

Note: Tags applied to events will reflect the colour of the tag.

Assigning multiple tags

1. To assign multiple tags, drag other tags onto the same item.

2. The item will now be marked with a multi-coloured tag, indicating that more than one tag has been assigned to it.

Assigning a tag to a shared item

When you assign a tag to an item in a shared folder, the tag will also appear for anyone else that has access to the shared folder and has a tag with the same name in their own account.

Removing a tag from an item

To remove a tag from an item, right click on the item.

Next, in the Tag Message (or Tag Appointment, Tag Task, etc.) flyout menu, choose Remove Tag.  If you have more than one tag assigned to the same item, there will be an additional flyout menu allowing you to choose the tags to remove.