Cloud Computing Consumer Strategyget help

As a cloud services consumer, the University is adopting a strategy of Private Cloud Preferred. This strategy enables us to avoid outsourced cloud computing issues associated with data privacy risks, base budget funding, and union concerns. The University has recently implemented a private cloud service (SFU Vault) on our own infrastructure that makes use of industry standard technologies to provide an agile, secure, redundant environment to host our own services and applications.  SFU Vault is an SFU owned and managed private cloud service that replaces high-risk foreign public cloud services such as Dropbox.

Adoption of community, hybrid or public cloud services can proceed if our analysis validates these services as mature, all costs are considered, the residual risk is acceptable, and they are determined to be clearly the best option from a business perspective. The University will consider cloud technologies in the following order of preference:

1.     Private Cloud

Our primary preference is to implement cloud solutions in our private cloud if the full business case justifies this choice.  

2.     Community Cloud

We will always give preference to solutions residing in our province, then within Canada, in order to minimize jurisdictional issues.

3.     Hybrid Cloud

We will consider specific targeted solutions for applications, software, or platforms in a hybrid cloud environment on the condition that data resides on one of our campuses on University owned systems and transfer of information for processing does not put PII data at risk.

4.     Public Cloud

We must recognize that despite the risks there are cases where public cloud solutions may be the best, and sometimes only option.