Lecture Video Recording Policyget help

Full time instructors must request a new recording series each term through the LECTURE RECORDING REQUEST FORM.

Only staff and students of SFU with an active SFU computing ID may view the archived recordings.

Private recordings for use by the instructor for sample purposes are allowed for one lecture per course term. The intent of the recordings is for educational purposes for SFU students and not for personal use by the instructor.

Instructors are made custodians of the catalogue of their course recordings each term and may request to make the archived recording available for everyone to view.

Although instructors are custodians of the catalogue of their course recordings, actual ownership of the recorded material is in accordance with the SFU Intellectual Property Policy R 30.03 found at this web page: Property Policy r30.03

Only instructors can request recordings via the SFU LECTURE RECORDING REQUEST FORM, and no recordings of lectures will be undertaken without express consent of the course instructor.

Instructors must notify students that their lectures are being recorded.

Instructors have the ability to download their course recordings from their “My Mediasite” page for storage or self-hosting.

Archived recordings are kept on the SFU file server for a period of one calendar year from the time of recording, after which they are erased.

Access to any recorded archives containing student interaction in the form of video and/or audio are subject to the guidelines of “Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act” in the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

Recording requests are not available for final exam periods.

Instructors may edit their archived recordings as they see fit. A guide to editing archives can be viewed here: Editing a Mediasite Recording