Audio Lecture Recording Service

Audio recordings are available to students for many credit courses in mp3 format.

Are all courses recorded?

No. Recordings are only made when specifically requested by the instructor and only in specific rooms where this service is available.

Who can access the recordings?

All SFU students can access the recordings.

When are recordings available?

Recordings are published within 2 hours of the end of the class.

Do I need to wear a microphone?

Yes, in most cases, you should wear the wireless microphone provided.  

Who can request a course be recorded?

Only the instructor. Please make this request via the online form.

Can I make the recordings available in Canvas?

Yes!  Instructions are available here.

How long are recordings kept?

Recordings are available on our website until the exam period ends.  We archive audio recordings for 3 years (these can be retreived to cover a missed recording, or for cases such as a grade challenge.)

Which rooms have this service available?

  Academic Quadrangle
AQ 3003 3005 3149 3150 3153 3154 3159 3181 3182
  Blusson Hall
BLU 9660
  Education Building
EDB 7618
  Robert C Brown Hall
  Shrum Science Complex
SSC B 9200 9201; C 9000 9001 9002; K 9500
  Saywell Hall
SWH 10041 10081
  West Mall Centre
WMC 2503 2507 2532 3210 3220 3250 3260 3510 3520





Online request form

* Instructor only