Undergrad Course Requests
Graduate Course Requests

Course Equipment Requests

Request:  book equipment for use in a credit class
Target: Faculty, TAs (students - single day requests only)

All Semester Request:   Burnaby | Surrey1 | Vancouver
Single Day Request
Burnaby | Surrey1 | Vancouver
Videoconference Request: Burnaby | Surrey | Vancouver
Room Information:
  Burnaby | Surrey | Vancouver

1 Surrey equipment is built-in/self-service.  Submit a request for cordless mics in lecture theatres.

Lecture Recordings

Request:  have your lecture recorded for students
Target:  Faculty only

Audio Lecture RecordingRequest Form
Full Lecture Recordings (Mediasite)Request Form

Room Booking Requests

Request:  book a room for an extra class or event

Target:  Faculty* (for credit courses only)
Contact: Schedules
Credit Course RequestBurnaby | Surrey | Vancouver

Target:  SFU departments
Contact: Meeting, Event & Conference Services
Non-Course Request Burnaby | Surrey | Vancouver

Non-course Equipment Requests

Videoconference bookings

Request:  videoconferences & support
Target:  faculty, support staff
Service:  SFU Zoom

All other bookings

Request:  book equipment for a departmental meeting, event, symposium etc.
Target:  SFU departments
Contact:  Meeting, Event & Conference Services
Website:  Burnaby  |  Surrey  |  Vancouver

Miscellaneous Requests

BlueJeans bookings

Request:  multi-site videoconferences or skype bridging
Target:  faculty, support staff
Webform:  Request Form

Digital Signage (was: Info-Display System)

Request:  display your message on the TVs around campus
Target:  anyone associated with SFU
Website:  Campus Screens

Student Union & SFSS Clubs

Request:  equipment requests & room bookings
Target:  Student Union & SFSS Clubs
Contact:  Simon Fraser Student Society
Website:  sfss.ca