Scanningget help

Scanners are located in the Micro Computer Facility - AQ3148 and Information Commons.  Lab support staff are available to provide assistance if you need help in scanning.

Two programs, Photoshop and OmniPage Pro are used for scanning photos, images, and documents. 

Note:  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is only available in the W.A.C. Bennett library on Burnaby campus.

To scan using Photoshop

Start Menu - All Programs - Adobe Web Premium CS4 - Adobe Photoshop CS4

Select File - Import - EPSON TWAIN

Choose the format in which you would like to save the scanned document, and where to save the scanned document.

To scan using OmniPage Pro

OCR scanning is available only in the W.A.C. Bennett library Information Commons on Burnaby campus.

Start Menu - All Programs - Omnipage Pro 8 - Omnipage Pro (on scanner 3)

Single click the Auto button.

Select Scan Image, click Next.

Select the page layout, click Next.

Select retain font & paragraph formatting, click Next.

Select 'yes' to check OCR results before exporting, click Next.

Choose Save to Disk, click Finish.

Place text page face down toward the top right corner of the scanner, press 'Ok' to begin scan.

Select the option to perform the spell check, click Close to bypass the spell checker.

Place another page in scanner to scan further pages, otherwise select Stop Scanning Pages.

Select Create One File for All Pages (recommended), provide a file name, press OK.

The OmniPage Pro program window is divided into three sections; Index column to navigate among the scanned pages; Preview page in graphic mode; Text edit pane.  Perform any text editing in the last pane.  Expand the pane by clicking and dragging the column divider to the left