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Student study Space:

IT Services at surrey support the student study space room booking system. If you need to book space please visit the booking system

Please be considerate of the space and other students by cleaning the space before you leave after each booking.  Read the Help page on site for rules and guidelines for using the student study space.

SIAT Students:

As an SFU Surrey Student currently enrolled in the SIAT (Interactive Arts and Techhology) program you have access 2GB of storage on instead of the standard 1GB.   Please do NOT leave your files on lab machines as they are frequently re-imaged.

IT services currently supports SIAT MSDNAA for research, development and learning.  Click here to go to the Azure Dev Tools page.

As well, SIAT Students have access to the VMWare library of software and learning materials. SIAT VMWare software for teaching and learning.