Lab Printing at the Surrey Campus

Printing from a Lab computer

As a student you can print from any lab at the Surrey campus to any of the printers installed on the lab computers.

Once a job is printed you need to go to one of the printing rooms

On Galleria level 3 (see map for details):

  • sc3064:   B/W and Colour Printing available
  • sc3355:   B/W  Printing available
  • sc2300:   Photocoping/Scanning/Printing in both B/W and Colour available

In the Surrey Library (see map for details)

  • sc3620:   Photocoping/Scanning/Printing in both B/W and Colour available

Use the release console on the printing device to release your print job. This requires a papercut account that as a student at SFU is automatically created for you.  Use your SFU Student ID and password to log into your on-line papercut account to view details of your printing account vaues and print job history.  If you have issues with printing you can also use your on-line account to view print job history and apply for printing refunds.  

For more info please go to our Papercut FAQ page found here.

Enter your SFU computing ID on the release console to retrieve your print jobs.

Right click to select jobs to be printed, click Print Selected Jobs.

Papercut Cash Machine

The papercut cash machine is located  outside the drop-in lab (sc2300) on the Mezzanine level

Once you have logged into the papercut cash machine you can add value using cash or credit card to your online papercut account.  Your print job(s) will appear the print release console(s). Select the jobs you wish to print. The print fees will be deducted from your papercut account which you can view online at

Printing rooms can be found on Galleria 3 and in Library.


Wireless printing is now available from your own laptops.

For any trouble you may have with printing or the printer/scanners please contact the Surrey Help desk.