Burnaby Desktop Support

IT Services Desktop Support in Burnaby provides technical support for desktops, notebooks, and printers, to most of the administrative departments on the Burnaby campus. This represents approximately 1,200 users at 900 computers.

Desktop support strives to accomplish two things:

  • Protect the university‚Äôs data
  • Keep people working

To do so, a standardized environment has been implemented, using Active Directory to manage Windows computers and our home-grown Managed Mac environment to administer Mac computers in a uniform, consistent manner.

ITDS also works with other groups such as the RCG and ITS Strategic Innovations to advance solutions to common problems across SFU.

Getting Support

To get help from IT Services Desktop Support, you'll need to submit a request for support. We handle issues using tickets - effectively a communication log starting from your original request and containing all of the followup messages, as well as log entries from IT staff indicating what they've done to fix your issue.

If you have an issue, before you log a trouble ticket, please take a look at our Documentation and FAQs to see if your question is covered there.

Contacting ITDS Directly

While you may know some of the Desktop Support folks personally, we'd prefer it if you would use the ticket submission method to get support so that we can queue everyone in a fair order. Please don't email or call the ITDS folks directly about your problem unless it is an emergency.

This also ensures that someone will handle your issue, even if your primary support person is away sick or on vacation.