March 11, 2016

Changes in Windows Roaming Profile

Over the past two weeks, the Desktop Support group has received reports from Windows users of long login times.  To speed up user logins, we will be turning off Roaming Profiles for the morning of Monday, March 14, 2016.  This is an interim solution while we work on upgrading our server.

Roaming profiles are server-stored settings that are copied on to a computer when users login, and are copied back to the server, including changes, when users log out. This allows you to move from computer to computer while keeping user settings the same.  Settings include:

  • Bookmarks;
  • Instant Messaging configuration (i.e. Pandion, Jabber, etc);
  • Microsoft Office settings (i.e. custom dictionaries); and
  • Desktop configuration such as wallpaper.

By turning off roaming profiles, login times should get much faster, and this will not impact any current settings on a computer.  Impact of this change is as follows:

  • New computers will be configured from scratch, which includes no bookmarks, Messaging configuration, Microsoft Office settings or wallpaper customization.  Desktop icons will remain the same.
  • A computer used prior to Monday, March 14, 2016 will retain the settings from the last time a user login.
  • If a computer or hard drive fails, any new settings configured or changed after roaming profiles are turned off, will be lost.

Your files and documents will not be affected.

We certainly appreciate your patience as we deploy this interim solution. Once the server upgrade is completed roaming profiles will be turned back on.  Notification will be sent prior to this happening.

If you have any questions, please contact your Desktop Support person.