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The SFU network is a complicated place! With the number of departments and users we have, it's no wonder that it can be overwhelming sometimes. Luckily, there is a dedicated support staff here to help you out when needed. However, sometimes you just need a quick answer to a question.

The best way to get help quickly is to see if we've already documented it on the website. Take a look through the list below, or use the Search bar up top to see if another branch of IT Services has the information you need.

If you can't find an answer here, please submit a support ticket and we will get your problem sorted out as soon as possible. If you think that your problem could happen to others, please feel free to suggest that we add information about it to this section of the website. Thanks!

Documentation Index

SFU Connect Email and Computing ID / Account Support

For support with SFU Connect, including information on using desktop programs and mobile devices with our email service, see the SFU Connect pages.

For support with your SFU Computing ID, see the Computing Account pages.

Software Downloads and Installation Support

If you need a program that is not currently on your computer, please submit a support request to have the program installed. Normal users are not given administrative privileges over their computers, required to install software, because of security concerns.

Software downloads provided by IT Services for eligible users can be found at our Software Downloads page.


For help with Printing, see our Printing Help page.

Wireless Networking

To connect your laptop, phone, iPad, or other mobile device to the SFU wireless network, see the Network Services Wireless page.

Website  Content Management

If you have any questions about SFU hosted websites or our Content management system, please go to the Web publishing area.

General FAQs

Refer to the below pages for quick answers to common questions.

Documentation for LAN Admins

Refer to the below pages for documentation on ITDS systems and services that are also used by other IT departments.

Active Directory

Documentation for LAN admins about the SFU implementation of Active Directory can be found here:

This documentation will soon be moving into the IT Services website proper.


If you have comments about the documentation and FAQs, please email them to and we'll do our best to use your suggestions. Thanks!