How do I get started with Instant Messaging?

Instant messaging at SFU has been made possible with the implementation of Jabber – an open source chat protocol. This implementation provides valid SFU Computing ID holders an authenticated environment in which they can communicate securely with other staff, faculties and students. The system is also versatile and scalable where functionalities such as gateway to other instant messaging services (e.g. MSN, Yahoo, etc.) and voice/video conferencing may be added in the future.

Getting Started

Before you begin chatting you must have the following:

  1. A valid SFU computing ID
  2. Windows operating system (if you have a Mac, try iChat)
  3. A Jabber-enabled client (NOTE: All AD users will use Neos MT as a client)

Using Neos MT

To start using Neos MT follow these steps:

  1. Double-click Neos MT icon on the desktop
  2. Switch your status from Offline to Online
  3. Enter your SFU password
  4. Start adding new contacts
  5. Adding New Contacts
  6. From the main Neos MT window, switch your status to Online
  7. Click Add
  8. Select Jabber
  9. Enter your contact's Jabber ID (e.g.
  10. You may want to enter a short message in the message box
  11. Check Close after adding new contact
  12. Click Add

Start New Chat

To hold a one-on-one chat with another on-line user, double-click on his/her account name in the Neos MT main window and a conversation window will appear.

Logging off and Quitting

Logging off from the system is not considered the same as quitting the program. To log off the system, change your status in the main Neos MT window to Offline.To quit the program, right-click Neos MT in the notification area and select Quit.

Creating Alternate Neos MT Profiles

You may wish to create additional Neos MT profiles for SFU accounts that are shared through role purposes. To do so, please use the following instructions.

  1. Select Menu > Tools > Profiles
  2. Click New
  3. Click No
  4. Switching Between Neos MT Profiles
  5. To switch to another profile, follow these steps:
  6. Select Menu > Tools > Switch Profile
  7. Choose a profile that you would like to use
  8. Click OK

Configure Neos MT

  1. Click "Click here to begin"
  2. In Account setup wizard, select the Main tab
  3. Select "I already have a jabber account that I would like to use"
  4. Server Host:
  5. Username: [your SFU Computing ID]
  6. Password: [your SFU Password]
  7. Uncheck Save Password
  8. In Account setup wizard again, select the Advanced tab
  9. Check Use SSL encryption
  10. Click Register
  11. A success message will appear, click OK
  12. Click Finish to exit the Account setup wizard