Tools and Web Forms

Submit Support Request

Click here to open our support request form.

Please include as much detail as possible. Specifically, we need to know who you are, where to find you, how to contact you, and the asset tag on your computer (or its host name, if you don't have an asset tag).

Without that information, it's really hard to follow up and solve your problem!

Grant Permission to User Directories

Click here to open the permission granting form.

Occasionally, IT Desktop Support personnel will need permission access your user files, including your documents, desktop, and configuration settings.

Permissions on these files are strictly controlled, in order to protect your privacy and ensure the security of your data. However, when we need to repair a problem with your system, it may be necessary for us to access these files, which would require a change to the permissions over your user data directories.

To give us access, all you need to do is to fill out the form linked above, and access will be granted to the user of your choosing. You can select whether to grant access to just specific sub-sections of your data, or to everything.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact your local support staff. Be careful! Only grant access to known IT support staff or colleagues that you trust.

Remote Desktop Connection Generator

Click here to open our Remote Desktop Connection form.

This form will create a Remote Desktop Connection file that you can use to connect to your office Windows desktop machine or our Windows Terminal Server. Use this to work from home with full access to all of the resources you have when you're sitting at your office PC.

WebWake (Remote Power Management)

Click here to access the SFU WebWake site.

This service will allow you to register your office computer and remotely power it on over the Internet. Using this tool, you can safely shut your computer down and be able to start it back up again remotely if you wish to work from home via Remote Desktop.

Be sure to check with your local support staff to see if it's okay to turn your computer off at night! Some departments perform maintenance tasks during the night that your computer will need to be on for.

ITDS Admin Tools (Admins only)

Click here to access the administration tools (Unified Registration, Unified Decommissioning, etc)

Print Queue Request (LAN admins only)

Click here to open the Print Queue Request form.

This form is used to request the creation of a print queue on the ITDS Windows print server (