Flashback malware at SFUget help

Flashback malware at SFU.

April 11, 2012.
Apple today released a statement about the Flashback malware affecting some computers on campus.

Network Services is able to detect some variants of this malware and is notifying users and/or blocking compromised computers as appropriate.

Users are encouraged to update their computers as soon as possible. However, there is the possibility that an update might not be released for operating systems prior to Mac OS 10.6. Macs with PowerPC (G3, G4 and G5 processors) are incapable of running operating systems higher than 10.5.8, so it might be prudent for users and departments to consider upgrading these obsolete machines. Otherwise, now is time to consider installing software to prevent re-infection.

At this time, four reliable anti-virus software companies are committed to Mac OS X:
Trend. PowerPC + Intel.
Avast. Intel only.
Spohos. PowerPC + Intel.
Kaspersky. Intel only.

All Mac users, and ESPECIALLY I.T. Staff are encouraged to scan their machines for this malware. Kaspersky has released a decent online scanner and cleaning tool. More information is here.

SFU Staff are eligible to obtain a copy of Trend anti-virus here.

Other staff are encouraged to see their local/departmental support person.

Students are welcome to ask for help at their campus help desk.