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Who is currently the target audience for the pilot?

This program is currently in a pilot phase. The target audience for the pilot is staff working directly under the VPFA (Vice President, Finance & Administration) portfolio.

There may be additional members of the SFU community who are outside the VPFA portfolio and are interested in this program. Under exceptional circumstances, such members may contact IT Services and request participation in the pilot.

Who will be the target audience of this program?

Clients with normal computing needs will be the target audience of this program. Clients with specialized computing needs may find the product offerings from this program may not meet their teaching, research, technical, or functional job responsibilities.

When does the 2-day delivery time start?

The 2-day delivery time starts the business day morning following when an order is authorized and forwarded to IT Services.

What is the maximum order size for 2-day delivery?

Orders greater than 2 units of a product may not qualify for 2-day fulfillment.

Can I purchase other products, such as an iPad, through the Unified hardware Procurement program?

To ensure reliable service response levels, only pre-selected standard products are available from this program at the moment. IT Services will regularly review and update product offerings as technology evolves.

Can researchers purchase items through this program using research funds?

Researches can use with research funds to purchse any items available through this program. The 2-day delivery guarantee starts the morning after an order is authorized and forwarded to IT Services.

Who owns products purchased through this program? Can personal purchases be made through this program?

At present, this program is intended for clients who have normal computing needs for their teaching, research, technical, or functional job responsibilities. Purchases made with University administered funds remain the property of the purchasing department in Simon Fraser University.

For personal purchases, clients may wish to consider discounted programs such as Dell's Member Purchase Program or Apple's Educational Pricing and Discount program.

Is warranty included with the products? Why is the program pricing different from retail pricing?

Reliable business-grade equipment with three-year warranties are offered in this program. This is why program pricing is different from retail pricing.