Surrey Department Storageget help

Faculty / Staff Storage Only:

Some Faculy / Staff member at SFU Surrey you have access to other departmental file storage in addition to your 1GB of storage on (please note that access to sc-data is ONLY available while on campus).

From your managed SFU Windows workstation:

Click start:run:
Type (or paste) \\\data
Navigate to your departmental or faculty folder

From your Mac:

From the finder, hit command-k.
Paste the following: smb://
(at this point you may want to press the little "+" on the right so you save that as a bookmark).

Off Campus?

You will need to use Remote Desktop to connect to sc-data from off campus. To find out how click here.

Fraser Storage can be accessed via FTP

Click here for more info!

Need to download FTP client software?