Staff file server

The SFU Vancouver staff file server (also known as the "vanstaff" share) is a network file server where staff members can store files that they work on jointly with colleagues. The server can support both Windows and Macintosh client connections.

Note: your server account name is your SFU ID (eg "mbrown"), and the password is the same one you use for your SFU Email. Access to certain folders on the server is restricted by department and program area; if you cannot access a folder on the staff server that you think you should be able to access, please contact your DA.

For information on connecting to the staff server, see the specific instructions for your Operating System below.

Mac OS X:

(Macs running Mac OS X 10.3.x or earlier will not be able to connect to the staff server)

1) Connecting to the staff server

In OS X you connect to a server using the Finder's "Go" menu. To connect to the staff server do the following:

  1. In the Finder, go to the "Go" menu and select "Connect to Server..." (at the bottom of the menu)
  2. In the server address field enter the following:
    and click "Connect".
  3. Enter your SFU ID and password in the Name and Password fields if prompted.

2) Automounting the staff server
If you want the server mounted automatically when you login, do the following:

  1. Open System Preferences (under the Apple menu)
  2. Click on "Accounts", and then on the "Login Items" tab

Drag the desktop icon representing the "vanstaff" server into the window which displays items that will "open automatically when you log in". Leave the "Hide" checkbox UNchecked.

Note: As an alternative to automounting, you can create a shortcut icon for the server in your Dock: drag the desktop icon representing the "vanstaff" server to the right-hand section of the dock, just beside the Trash icon). To mount the server, simply single-click on that icon in the Dock.

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 :

1) Connect to the staff server

  1. Right-click "Start" (bottom left corner of your screen) and choose "Explore"
    (in Vista and later, left-click on "Start" and choose "Computer")
  2. From the menu choose: Tools, Map network drive
    (in Vista click on Map network drive in the toolbar)
  3. In the Drive field type:
    (think "Network drive")
  4. In the Folder field type:
  5. If you want to automatically connect every time you start your machine, leave the “reconnect at logon” box checked.
  6. Click on the link which says "Connect using a different user name."
  7. In the User name field enter "<YOUR-SFU-ID>" (eg ""); enter your password in the password field.
  8. Click "OK"; then click "Finish" in the Map Network Drive dialogue box
  9. A window should then open displaying the shared folders on the server *
  10. If you would like a shortcut to one of these shared folders on your desktop or launch bar then right click on that folder and choose Send to, Desktop (Create Shortcut). Leave the folder on the desktop or drag a copy to your quick launch bar at the bottom of your screen.

* If you get a box asking "Enter your network password" it is probably because your workstation login and/or password are different from your SFU ID and/or password. Make sure that you clicked on the "Connect using a different user name" link, and then entered your "<YOUR-SFU-ID>"