Bria Strettoget help

SFU faculty and staff can purchase the replacement version of the SFU SofTel, called Bria Stretto.  It is an application that lets you use your Mac, PC, iOS or Android device as a full-featured telephone. This means that if you are travelling abroad, you can make phone calls to local numbers as if you were next door. 

If you are a new user, you will receive your own DID (direct inward dialing) number so that your colleagues, friends, or family may call you directly from a conventional land-line.  Users who are upgrading from SFU SofTel to Bria Stretto can retain their previous number.

Here are the major differences between SFU SofTel and Bria Stretto:

  1. Unlike SFU SofTel, Bria Stretto runs on the latest version of Mac OSX and Windows.
  2. Bria Stretto also runs on mobile platforms, namely iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.
  3. Future updates to the software and backend server will be transparent, with no (or minimal) help needed from the user.
  4. Bria Stretto service will cost $25 per month for the first license.  Additional license for the same local number will cost $2.75 per month.  There will be a one-time, initial programming fee of $50 payable after the work order has been completed.

For more information and for ordering instructions, please see the FAQ.