Q:  What is Bria Stretto?

A:  Bria Stretto is computer software or a mobile device app that can be used to make voice and video calls.  The version offered by SFU is customized to make voice calls work like any SFU campus telephone.

Q:  What do you mean “work like any SFU campus telephone?”

A:  On campus, any SFU telephone can make calls to other SFU campus telephones by dialing a 5-digit local.  To make an outgoing call to a Vancouver-area number, dial 9-604-xxx-xxxx or 9-778-xxx-xxxx.  To make an international long distance call, dial 9-011-country code-area code-phone number.  For calls to North America, dial 9-1-area code-phone number.  To receive a call from outside, a SFU campus phone can be reached by dialing its number 778-782-xxxx.  Then to access your voicemail, dial 83.  Bria Stretto works exactly like that.

Note: If long distance is permitted, instructions are available on page 8 of the Telephone Information Pages.

Q:  Can I use Bria Stretto outside SFU's campuses?

A:  Yes.  You can use it even when outside the country and you won’t incur any long distance charge when calling SFU or Vancouver-area numbers.  Callers from campus or Vancouver-area to your Bria Stretto will not incur long distance charges either.

Q:  Why is it that when I sometimes use Bria Stretto in my hotel (or somewhere outside campus), the sound quality is poor or it doesn’t work at all?

A:  Bria Stretto relies on the Internet for network transmission and at times this can impact users in two ways. First, some services you use to connect to the Internet, such as some hotels, have blocked SIP services and Bria Stretto simply won't work. At times the Internet can become congested thus the quality of a call may be very choppy and unusable. But when it works, and that's most of the time, it's a secure, free, reliable service.

If you are hearing echo, we recommend using a headset.

Q:  Can I use Bria Stretto for 911 calls?

A:  No.  As most devices running Bria Stretto are portable and can be used even when outside the country, it is at the moment not possible to connect a 911 call to the local 911-responder (if there is a 911-type of service at all in the country you are visiting).

Q:  Which type of device can I use Bria Stretto with?

A:  It runs on computers using Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and mobile devices running iOS and Android.

Q:  What are the minimum requirements for my device to run Bria Stretto?


Operating System

Minimum Requirements

Microsoft Windows

- XP SP3 or Vista or Windows 7
- Intel Core Duo
- 2 GB RAM
- IP network connection
- USB headset or Full-duplex 16-bit sound card
- Video card with DirectX 9.0c support

Mac OS X

- OS X 10.6 or above
- 2 GB RAM
- IP network connection


- iPhone 4 running iOS
- iPod Touch (4th Generation)


- iOS 5+

Android Phone

- Android V2.2 or later

Android Tablet

- Android V3.0 or later


Q:  I went to the Apple App Store/Google Play Store and I saw two Brias:  plain Bria (yellow icon) and Bria Stretto (red icon).  Are they the same?

A:  (Plain) Bria requires you to have a subscription to an outside SIP provider.  On the other hand, Bria Stretto (red icon) will work with SFU’s SIP service.

Q:  What are the licensing options and how much does it cost?

A:  You can buy a single-license, a dual-license, or even multiple-license Bria Stretto, for the same local number.  A single-license Bria Stretto allows you to install Bria Stretto on any type of device and you get a SFU telephone number.  Dual-license Bria Stretto is almost the same except that you can install a second Bria Stretto on another device as an extension of the same SFU telephone number.  However, it should be noted that due to the nature of the SIP protocol, only one instance of Bria Stretto should run at a time.  Otherwise, there is no guarantee which device will ring when there is an incoming call.

License Type

Initial Cost*

Monthly Recurring Cost**

Single-License Bria Stretto



Dual-License Bria Stretto


$25 + $2.75

Multiple-license Bria Stretto $50 $25 + $2.75 for every additional license

* Payable upon completion of the work order
** Effective April 1, 2013

A typical scenario for a Dual-license Bria Stretto user might have Bria Stretto on a desktop and another on a laptop.  Another scenario is to have Bria Stretto on a laptop and a second on a mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

Q:  Where do I purchase Bria Stretto?

A:  Review the Purchase Memorandum, then fill out and submit the websurvey.  Refer to page 10 of the Blue Pages for ordering instructions details.

Q:  Can I purchase Bria Stretto outside SFU?

A:  The version offered by SFU has been customized to work with the campus telephone and SIP service, so Bria Stretto (or 'plain' Bria) purchased outside SFU will not work.

Q:  Can I use a SIP software phone other than Bria Stretto?

A:  No.  Bria Stretto works with SFU-managed SIP and telephony service.  Any underlying updates to the SIP and telephony service will be automatically propagated to all Bria Stretto installations. Non-Bria Stretto will not be able to receive those updates.

Q: How do I install Bria Stretto on my device?

A:  After you have purchased Bria Stretto, you will be emailed instructions on how to install it on your device.  Installation depends on what device you want to put Bria Stretto on.  For Windows and OS X computers, a link will be provided where the software can be downloaded.  After downloading, run the software to install Bria Stretto.  You may need to contact your departmental Desktop Support personnel for assistance.  For iOS and Android devices, Bria Stretto (red icon) can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.  After installation, you will be prompted for a login name and password, which is provided in the email.

Q: Where can I find additional documentation regarding Bria Stretto?

A:  You can find them on the User Guides website here.