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This guide explains how to set up Bria Stretto for new users and users of SofTel who want to upgrade to Bria Stretto. If you have a computer with a network connection, this software will allow you to make phone calls, receive phone calls, and receive voicemail.

Step 1: Acquire your Bria Stretto license (please refer to the FAQ for ordering instructions)

Step 2: Install Bria Stretto on your computer or mobile device

  1. When the work order is completed, you will receive an email with a web link to download Bria Stretto for your device.  If you are installing it on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), you will receive  instructions on which app to pick on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. You will need to use the username and password included in the email to launch the software or mobile device application.

Step 3: Test your installation

  1. Start Bria Stretto and enter the username and password provided when your account was activated. Unlike SofTel, Bria Stretto manages license keys behind the scenes, so there is no need to know and input your software / app license key.
  2. On Windows or OS X, you will have to press the top-left button on the toolbar to show the dialpad (numeric keypad).  The image below shows the dialpad.  Notice the first button on the toolbar.
  3. Make a call from Bria Stretto by dialling a five digit SFU extension and clicking on the CALL phone button.
  4. Ask someone in SFU to make a test call to your five digit Bria Stretto extension; to answer, click on the Audio (OS X) or speaker icon button (Windows).
  5. Make an outside call by dialling 9 followed by the phone number you wish to call and clicking on the CALL phone button.
  6. Ask someone to make a test call to your Bria Stretto phone number (778-782-2xxx where the last five digits are your Bria Stretto extension).
  7. Leave yourself a voicemail by dialling your Bria Stretto extension and ignoring the incoming call until voicemail answers.
  8. Check your voicemail by dialling 83 and clicking on the CALL phone button; when prompted, enter the voicemail password provided when your account was activated.

If the other person can hear an echo, you may need to use a headset.

For more information on Bria Stretto, e-mail help@sfu.ca or call 23230.  You can also read the User Guide here.